Our Services

Our major business on Jig’s and Automation will be fabricated Jigs in different pieces and joined together by welding. Jigs along with fixtures are specifically designated machine parts, which can be manufactured by any of the following methods :

  1. Machining
  2. Forging
  3. Casting
  4. Complicated

We fabricate jigs with hardened steel, which are wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and thermally in sensitive. Their dimensional accuracy directly influences the accuracy of performance of the operations where these are used.

Types of Drilling Jigs we fabricated:

  • Template Jig
  • Plate Type Jig
  • Open Type Jig
  • Swinging Leaf Type Jig
  • Box Type Jig
  • Solid Type Jig
  • Pot Type Jig
  • Index Jigs
  • Multi-station Jigs
  • Universal Jig

Jig's Automation 1
Jig's Automation 2
Jig's Automation 3
Jig's Automation 4
Jig's Automation 5
Jig's Automation 6
Jig's Automation 7