Our Services

Our company is registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia (Electricity Supply Department) as a Service Contractor and are authorized to carry out the following works:-

  • Commissioning tests of electrical installation up to 33KV.
  • Checking and locating electrical fault.
  • Perform servicing and routine maintenance of high voltage and low voltage installation.
  • To perform electrical maintenance using Infrared Thermo Vision Scanning.
  • Transformer Oil Analysis, Filtration & Oil Change.
  • Provide charge-man service to maintain generators set.
  • Perform servicing maintenance on Electrical switch board and breakers (ACB & VCB).
  • Perform single phase and three phase electrical wiring.
  • To provide Infrared Thermo Scanning services c/w test report and solution. (Certified Infrared Thermographer – Level II)

Commissioning 1

Calibration Test For Protective Relay

Commissioning 2

Insulation Test On Transformer Winding

Commissioning 3

Pressure Test On Transformer

Fault Investigation
Fault Investigation 1

Investigation of Riser Explosion

Fault Investigation 2

MCCB Riser Explode

Fault Investigation 3

Re-tighten The MCCB Riser

Infrared Thermos Scanning
Infrared Thermos Scanning 1

Example Of Result Scanning

Infrared Thermos Scanning 2

Infrared Scanning At Transformer Cable Termination

Infrared Thermos Scanning 3

Scanning At Busbar LV Board

Servicing and Maintenance on Electrical Breakers and Transformers
Servicing and Maintenance 1

11kV VCB Panel

Servicing and Maintenance 2

Arc Chute Cleaning

Servicing and Maintenance 3

Checking 11kV Bushing

Servicing and Maintenance 4

General Cleaning Of Transformer

Servicing and Maintenance 5

Retighten The Termination At Transformer

Servicing and Maintenance 6

Degrease The VCB Mechanical Parts